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Dingo Camper Trailers : Light Off Road Campers

All light off-road models are/have: Genuine Australian made trailers 7' x 4' Trailers - 20" deep. Solid square Axle 40mm x 40mm 6 leaf spring suspension Boxed steel chassis and extended A-bar All fully welded trailers - not bolted together

Our Light Off-Road trailers are all Australian made and will go most places families want to go. Caravan parks, national parks and light off roading, just not bush bashing. Weighing in at around 400kgs (all up with the tent) they can be towed by nearly all vehicles and unless you plan on carrying a motorbike or boat as well, you are not going to need electric brakes and brake controllers etc. Most vehicles can tow up to 750kgs before you need electric brakes and brake controllers so that gives you 350kgs of gear, which most people will never get close too. They have storage space under the road cover and heaps more storage space in the trailers.

Click the pictures below to view further details and images for each type of camper.
Campers 2000 - 7 - Light Off Road No Longer Available Campers 2000 - 9 - Light Off-Road Currently Not Avaialable