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5 Reasons To Visit Dingo Campers

There as so many places these days selling camper trailers. In fact new ones seem to appear and disappear every week. Here are 5 reasons to visit Dingo Campers before you buy a camper trailer.

QUALITY:  All of the camper tents we sell have the waterproofing in the canvas. All you need to do is wet (season) our tents (WITH JUST WATER) before use and they are waterproof. No need to spray, paint or treat them. There are people out there selling cheap camper trailers with many extras who are advertising 14oz canvas - 100% waterproof. Many are not, they are cheap rubbish. Click on the above picture because this is what they give people after you buy their camper. It tells you that not only do you have to wet (season) their tent but waterproof it yourself and that you will need to do this every couple of years. If it leaks, it is on you. No wonder their campers are so cheap.  This is not to mention campers with terrible tent/bar designs that won't stand up in the wind and rain, weak bars that bend or break, trailers bolted together or not properly welded are some of the main problems people encounter. The last thing you want is your tent collapsing in the middle of the night or your trailer falling apart by the side of the road and ruining your holiday. All of our trailers are Australian made.

RANGE:  Most places you go have 1 or 2 campers and some places don't even have them put up on display. We sell a variety of different brands, models and sizes.

HONESTY: There are not many people left, who sell real Australian made camper tents, and trailers for under $10,000. Like most people we also sell imported tents on Australian trailers. Read the wording on websites/ads very carefully. Many places through deception or confusion are falsely advertising things like "100% Australian", or "Australian made" etc, when the whole canvas top is fully imported. They bolt the imported top to the trailer here in Australia and that is what they mean when they say that. At least 3 of our competitors have been forced to remove the "Australian made" kangaroo logo from their signs, campers and websites after falsely using it. The names they use like Ozzie or Aussie etc, with Australian flags and other tricks. Be very careful! One way to check is to look at the cost of adding an annexe to the awning. If it is really an Australian canvas top expect to pay roughly $1600 upward. That's the cost of materials and labour in this country. Imported annexe's range from free to $600 generally. Look for a name or badge on the tent and do some research. How long have they been around and what sort of reputation do their products have.

KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE:  A lot of places selling camper trailers these days are either camping stores (filled with workers who know more about fishing rods than campers or trailers), trailer manufacturers (who are experts on trailers, but wouldn't know a quality canvas top if they tripped over it) or importing companies (who import the whole thing from china and are the worst for quality and service). My parents have been building and selling camper trailers for nearly 40 years now, each, not combined. We've seen, bought and sold, a lot of different campers in that time and we've seen a lot of people come and go.   

AVAILABILITY: We sell campers off the floor. Usually they are available to pick up within a few days and sometimes on the day. You don't wait months for a camper from us. In busy times of the year and around shows at some other places you have to wait weeks or months for your camper to be built. Are you seeing what you are getting. When you buy a camper from off the floor you have seen what you are getting.